What is the 4th Dimension?

I used to think of the 4th dimension as "time".   In a purely scientific point of view I guess this is still somewhere in the area of that reality.   However I was divested of these thoughts when I discovered the true nature of dimensional planes, with in my own reality. (Which, I control,, by the way)   I have used the tools of the New World to attract everything in life that I desire, and in the process, I have enriched a few other lives along the way.   Well, actually that is part of the process; enhancing the paths of others, I mean.   

What ever shape we want our personal realities to be, depends on how many others are effected and to what degree.   The simplest way to express the goal of any energy shifting we do towards the altering of our realities would probably be something like: " The most benefits, for the most people = the better chances of the shift occurring, and the faster it will happen.",  with yourself in the middle of that group, picking up the goodies in spades.

     I call the benefits that I receive, "goodies", because they are only side effects of my actions and intentions and not actually goals to seek.   I can think of nothing that I want that would not enhance the lives of others who surround me.   The only need I have for money is to spread it around to those who need it more than I do. (Unfortunately my creditors think they fit in that category.)   I do not say this from a subjective point of view, I have learned long ago how to look at myself from different vantage points and evaluate my actions from a position of an uninterested and precise observer.   In other words, when evaluating my own character or deeds, I never rely on subjective information, which of course is tainted by the meat-suit.   Instead, I view my actions from the view of somebody who doesn't even know me or care about me at all, but is a skilled observer and can analyze the actions of the subject and come up with a more accurate profile than is possible with trying to evaluate ourselves.   Lets face it, if were were to answer a multiple choice quiz on ourselves, the question #7 might be, "Are you a good guy?", and you can choose from:
1. No   
2. maybe    
3. I think so, yes
4. absolutely
5. I am a frigging saint, for crying out loud.

 Probably nobody would pick number 1 or number 5.   

The farther from the middle of the selections you go, the less the chances of getting an accurate answer.   We an not capable yet of evaluating ourselves from a subjective level.   Some day we may well be, and I think it may even be part of the conditions for ascension.  But when we are able to create factitious characters to represent ourselves, then we can make better evaluations of ourselves, based on outside observations.   In effect we step out of ourselves, and become non-biased entities who have no preconceived ideas about you or your actions but can observe the scenario and evaluate the profiles of all the participants with a higher degree of accuracy.

If a person says they are a good parent, and they never spend time with their children, but buy them anything that they want.   In their reality that is how you become a good parent, by giving the kids all you did not have or were deprived of as a child.   Lets further assume that all the child ever wanted was to spend time with the parent, and do things together.  All their lives they reach out for love and reassurance and they get money gifts, and servants to give them in the absence of the parent.  The reality of the parent, says, "What a good dad (or mom) am I to give my kids all they want or could possibly think of. More people should be such good parents.   While the kids, think, "Gee, I wish my dad would take me and mom fishing, or to the amusement park, or on a picnic, or camping trip together."      Wow, what is going on here?    The kid needs love and attention, but the parent gives money and thinks that is what the kid wants.   What is wrong with this picture?   

    The problem is that the two are not interfacing from the same plane, or the same frame of reference. It is possible to interface on different planes with people living on those planes with ease as long as the vibrations are close enough for the match.     The two people in this scenario are using different rules to judge themselves.   There can never be a union of thought or emotion to the high degree that is possible, unless we are on the same plane.   However we can exist and certainly do exist, side by side, on multiple planes of existence, where different rules apply to different people.   There are people who can do what others may call "Magic" , while still others may look at it as making mud-pies, because of their higher vibrational level, their own skills in that same area are so much greater.   Everything depends on our frame of reference.   Einstein showed us that back in the forties with his theory of relativity.    Even the speed of light is no longer a constant that can be depended upon because it is tied to mass and time.

     In my present reality, where I exist as the happiest person in the world, I have complete control.   I have friends on lower levels of vibration, in the forth and third dimensional planes of existence with whom I interface daily with seamless effort because all of these dimensional planes overlap and we all coexist on multiple planes of at every moment of our lives.   It is the assumption that we are all in the same place at the same time, obeying the same rules of nature. Nothing could be farther from the truth, in my reality.  

In My reality, My rules apply and if they differ from anybody with whom I am interfacing at the time then what results in my "shifting of realities" may appear to them as "magic", when it is nothing more unnatural than breathing for me in my plane of existence.   The third dimensional friends that I have and love dearly are bound by the rules of that dimension.   The biggest one perhaps is the illusion of polarity.    

People in the third dimension think that things are good or bad.   Situations could arise that would make a 3-D'er say, "Oh, my that is nothing by pure evil.".    Or perhaps, "What a disaster that was.".   The 3-D'er has judgments, and they live by them.   If something happens, and somebody is inconvenienced, then it is a bad thing.   That is it.  The event came and went and it is over.  Bad situation.    They think in absolutes, because they are not part of the ones who can alter their realities with ease.  In the forth dimension we learn that we can have an active part in our own existence, here on the planet we call the Mother.   In reality, we "are" the Mother because we are one, just as the planet is the sum of us all, plus much more that we know nothing of.   We learn that our minds are part of our manifestation of our own realities.  Nobody sees the same event unfold the same way.  We are swayed by our personal biases and do not even know it.  It is happening on a lower level than the conscious.

   Each plane of existence is compatible with every other dimensional level to the extent of the harmonics of the two levels involved.  In addition to the big jump from level to level, and at this time I am confining these levels to the 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th dimensions, of any others below or above that I have little knowledge.  The 4th dimension is sort of a bridge to the 5th dimension that we must cross to pick up the "Mind Talents, or at least the awareness of them.   We become aware of the ability to alter our paths by mind power alone.   We may long for something, and because we are into the 4th dimension, our minds have power to effect and steer our realities.   The mind and our awareness of the powers of the mind awake abilities in us that spark us to be drawn to applications of this ability. We may first be made aware of the power as a series of "coincidents" that happen which make you very happy.  Sort of like things you would "wish" for and make happen if you were a magical person, or wizard, what ever.    Guess what?   You Are.!   You can do these things when you pick up this ability as you pass through the 4th dimension and finally alight in the fifth, where you can utilize all these new talents of mind power.

     Here in the fifth dimension you can use tools that the 4-D people know exist, but can't use, and the 3-D people think is magic, but it doesn't matter which dimension you are in, the results are that they all overlap and all the players in all the dimensions which are compatible can interact on their own levels of the game.   The powerful players exercise kindness and nurturing to the less skilled players and in the same stroke, learn most important lessons in their Existence's that are needed for their own advancement.   We teach and nurture each other, and ALL are teachers, even the students.   The most unlikely person can be your teacher. It could be a smelly bum sitting next to you on the Subway, giving you the opportunity to learn "acceptance", and "tolerance" from him. And perhaps a little "Charity" as well, and maybe even a sense of "appreciation" for all you have, that this wretched one does not.   Our lessons come from strange places at times, and often are overlooked because we do not realize we are being taught, and ignore the signs and lessons.   It is free choice, and we choose to ignore the lessons more often than is wise, if one seeks knowledge and abilities that make their lives more joyful.

     Whether or not we are in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th dimension, we still are not completely in it and still have an appendage in the lower vibrations from which we had climbed to reach the 5th.  Each dimensional plane has it's own rules that apply to that plane.  In the third dimension, the 3-D rules of polarity apply and to make a living, one must Work Hard to succeed, even if the job at which one is working is a distasteful task for the worker. The ethic is Work Hard and Succeed.  In the fifth dimension the work ethic has changed to "Find your Passion".   No thought of money, or working hard at all, but find what you love to do and abundance will follow.   5-D'ers can use this because they know of it, while the 3-D'ers do not, or if they do, they think it is nonsense. You may get answers from them like this, "Oh, yeah. Sure, I will follow my passion. I'll sit in my rowboat, with a cooler full of beer and fish all day.  How is that supposed to pay the rent, or buy groceries.?"   On the other hand, a 5-D'er might say, "I like fishing more than anything. I think i'll figure out a way to make money doing that.".  He, then uses the powers of conscious creation to attract the situation where he is able to acquire a boat of sufficient size that he can charter out for fishing parties and he steps into his passion, while abundance follows in the wake.

     Obviously, this guy has no idea what his 5-D friend is talking about. He has his 3-D rules, and anything that goes against his plane's rules is either trickery, magic, or pure BS.  However you take somebody with a foot or two in the 5th dimension.  Lets use a real person, say Steve Rother, who was a successful construction contractor, and decided that was not his passion.  He discovered his passion, but it was not a way to make a living because it had not been made real yet by his following his heart and pursuing his dream.  With the act of letting go of his only source of income, and moving into his passion, which may or may not have paid the bills at first, he brought his personal energy and magic into the equation, and created a vacuum for the abundance to flow into.  It is the same story with Steve's wife, Barbara, who still had a gainful employment and did the same as Steve had before her.  She too, quit her "work hard and succeed" job, and followed her passion.  Today they travel the world making friends every place they go, and spreading the seeds of enablement to everybody with whom they come in contact.   Steve's message gives hope and encouragement to do the same as they did and find your passion.  Don't worry about the money.  As long as you do not give up on your self, the universe will not give up on you.  Remember too that failures are also lessons.

In the fifth dimension there is no polarity, so everything can be a lesson, and used for good of the most involved.  To fail in not a Bad thing, nor is it a Good thing, it is what you make of it and you can change the energy to create something good, always.  As long as the energy is still in motion, the event is still developing and is neither good nor bad.  The only crime one can perpetrate upon them selves is not to try at all. When we ignore that path, and we well might take the easy road, then that opportunity passes on. We may be able to recapture it later on when we have grown to the task, but for that point in time you pass.  Free choice, is our blessing, and our bane.

     So today Steve, with his feet solidly in the 5th dimension, interfaces with people from the 3rd and 4th every day, as do we all.  He uses the tools of the Fifth Dimension, and alters his own reality in such a way that he stays in the middle of his Passion.  He spreads his magic all over the world, and changes lives.  He has a schedule that would drive most people insane, but it is his passion, and not a task that has to be done.   It is something that he rather do than anything else in the world.   It is his passion, and his abundance has automatically been taken care of, abundance is a by product of our joy and our needs, coupled with the proximity to our passion.  

      We do not walk around with little signs on our head, saying 3-D, or 4-D, or anything like that.  It is the rules under which we exist, and that we make real with our own ability of conscious creation, that determines where we live in this plethora of merging dimensional planes and paths of probabilities.   The blending is seamless, and to the unenlightened, there is only one plane of existence, and there are NO optional branches but one straight path upon which they must trudge along until they die.   They do not know that they do not have to stay on that plane, but can easily hop up to the fourth, and discover that mind power is indeed a force that we all can use to steer our own reality.  Their beliefs, lock them to their dimensional plane, if they do not believe that they can do things to alter their reality simply with mind power, then that gift is denied them, and they do not progress to the point of using the gifts, in the 5th dimension, where this powerful gift is as common place as breathing.  "Miracles only happen to those who believe in them". If they do not believe they can aid in healing the afflicted, then that power is denied them.   None of the gifts of the New Age are proprietary, everybody can use them, all they have to do is let go of the old rules and start using the new ones.   Polarity is a toughie to drop, and most people can't even do it.   A 5-D'er can tell a 3-D'er that an event they both witnessed was Not bad, but the 3-D'er saw death, and destruction, and thinks that the 5-D'er is crazy as a boiled owl.   To him, loss of life, money, and property are "BAD", as opposed to "GOOD", and no screwy new age nut can tell him differently.  He has no idea of spiritual contracts at all and has not an inkling that the people who left had contracted to go that way for the fulfillment of the larger plan that is being played out.   The 5-D'er knows that not all the pieces have been placed together in this puzzle yet, and until the last piece falls into place, there is no way one can tell if the event was good or bad, those concepts do not exist for him.  The event was Not bad for him, but then it was NOT Good, either. It simply, "was", and what reactions came from the event will have determined whether or not that event was a plus in anybody's life or a minus.  Things that make us happy and prosperous, or wise, or any other sought after human quality that we may seek, are a plus in our lives, and those that make us sad, feel loss of love, detract from our financial state, etc. are a minus, in our lives. Regardless of what the event that just occurred happened to be, it can be reacted to in a positive manner, and the end result can be altered to benefit the most people involved in the event.  This is called spiritual alchemy, and it is a gift of the new age that I have claimed for my own, with much gratitude to Lee Carroll.  Taking a bad situation and turning it into a plus for all of those involved, is the transmutation of a negative into a positive in your life, and we all can do it.  I am not bragging here at all because it is not something that I alone can do, but anybody who wants to can use the tools of the new age, providing they discard the tools of the lower vibrations. You can't have two sets of rules governing the same reality for the same person.   There can be many sets of rules in play in any given scenario, but each player in the game must adhere to his or her own personal current reality rules.

     In addition to the dimensional planes of existence, we have a multitude of options with each level.  You can envision our lives and our realities as scores of paths, laid side by side so they all look like one path with many lanes in it.   Like a huge freeway, some of the lanes are exits, to other options. Some go into tunnels, and it is darkened, and strange.  We travel along and we can change lanes at will, each new lane leading in a slightly different place, but still on the main road of travel.   When you take an exit or option, or life decision, you change lanes and follow along that one, making further shifts, and lane changes as you travel your new path.  You still see all the other cars on the freeway, and you can still interact with them, but you are in a different lane, and the guy who was in front of you for the longest time is now two lanes away, going his own path, but still aware of you and your path.  That is how our life path actually are.  Like a series of alternatives that we can choose from, and if we do not like what we chose, then we can change lanes again, and guide ourselves to our passion.  Find your passion, and follow it into the 5th dimension and beyond.  It is there that you will create heaven on earth for yourselves and those you love.   When you are in your passion, you are at your most content and joyous, and are showing this by the joy you bring to others around you.  They are happy to be in your aura, and share that peaceful contentment.  We are masters of our fates, and we can steer our little vehicles to any lane we choose as we travel along our life path.   We coexist with people from many dimensional planes, some are not even visible to us at all,  most of them I am inclined to think.  The harmonics of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, are compatible so we can interact.  But the harmonics between the higher planes, is so out of sync with these that they disappear completely to us and are not visible.  They are still there, but we are not aware of them.   Those who no longer need bodies, are in this vibration and we may even call them ghosts, or spooks, but what ever labels we apply, the fact remains the the vibration rate of these planes with ours, is too far out of synchronization for us to detect with any degree of ease.  We have people who can, and have been able to bridge the gap, with advanced use of special talents, probably developed over lifetime after lifetime who can raise the vibration to meet that of those on the other side of the veil.  The same, Steve Rother of whom I previously spoke, is one of these people, along with Lee Carroll, and dozens of others.  To most of us, this seems like magic, but it is far from it to those who do the channeling.   To them it is a natural thing, and not magic at all, and the reason is that they have discarded the rules of the third dimension and stepped into the fifth dimension where these things are commonplace for all the vehicles traveling in that lane of traffic on our life path.

 When you leave a lane, you may have to leave the rules that govern that lane, and adopt the rules of the new one.  We can't use the new, unless we first discard the old, because the rules conflict.  In the third dimension, spiritual communication was for a gifted few who were advanced enough to devote the time and effort to develop the skills and awareness to ascend to the higher planes, of the fourth and fifth dimensions that are common place with all in the higher planes.  In the fifth dimension, we are all psychics, and channels, and have abilities the 3-D'ers might call magic, or witchcraft, or any other label they use for the unknown and mysterious events that do not conform to the laws of their plane of existence.

     So to sum it all up, things are not always what they seem.  We can coexist with people from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, dimensions, seamlessly interfacing with them.  Although we are all together on this big game board, we are governed by different laws of physics, depending on which plane of existence occupies most of our being.  If we spend most of our time in the fifth dimension, then we can do things that the people on the third dimension cannot do, and may indeed view as magical.  Not only are we all spread over three overlapping dimensional planes, but within each plane are many alternate realities that we can use to guide our own paths.  We can use some "fancy foot work" and hop from one lane to another like the little character in the old Video Game called "Frogger".   We switch lanes, and alter our paths mostly with out knowing it, however for those in the 5th dimension, not only is this process known, but a natural function of the mind, to connect with the higher vibrations and create our own reality.  No one plane is "better" than another, they are all equal and necessary for our evolution.  There is no more glory being a 5-D'er than there is being a 3-D'er, any more than the top brick in the pyramid is more important than the bottom brick, that supports all the weight.  All are part of the whole, and, necessary.  The ability to alter our lives, belongs to the higher vibrations, and anybody can ascend to the next level with enough determination and open-mindedness to accept that the "magic" really is not magic but "natural" gifts that we enable ourselves to use when we let go of the rules of the lower vibrations and embrace the gifts of the New Age.