Celebrity Convictions
Celebrity Convictions
Celebrity Convictions

Celebrity: Shannen Doherty
Charges: DUI
Location: Thousand Oaks, California
Description: Doherty was pulled over after officers noticed her truck weaving on the highway. She was arrested after allegedly having a blood alcohol level of .13(legal limit is .08).

Celebrity: Al Pacino
Date of Conviction: 01/07/61
Charges: Concealed Weapon
Location: Rhode Island
Description: When Pacino and 2 other men were stopped by officers they were found to be were wearing black gloves and masks as well as carrying a loaded gun.

Celebrity: Jim Morrison
Date of Conviction: 12/09/67
Charges: Indecent Performance
Location: New Haven, Conneticut
Description: Jim had been sprayed in the eyes with mace by an officer before the show. He told the story during the performance and embarrassed the police. Charges were later dropped.

Celebrity: Tony Sirico
Date of Conviction: 02/28/70
Charges: Burgluary, Menacing, Drugs, Weapons.
Location: New York City
Description: Tony who plays Paulie Walnuts on the sopranos was arrested for forcing his way into a NYC club witout paying and threatening the owner.

Celebrity: Jane Fonda
Date of Conviction: 11/03/70
Charges: Assaulting an officer
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Description: Jane kicked a policeman after being caught carrying a number of prescription pills.

Celebrity: Larry King
Date of Conviction: 12/20/71
Charges: Theft
Location: Dade County, Florida
Description: Mr. King was charged with stealing $5,000 from a business partner.

Celebrity: Dennis Hopper
Date of Conviction: 07/02/75
Charges: Careless driving
Leaving the scene of an accident
Location: Taos, New Mexico
Description: Mr. Hopper caused an accident, fled the scene and hid from police. He was later given a $250 fine.

Celebrity: George "Dubya" Bush
Date of Conviction: 09/04/76
Charges: DUI
Location: Maine
Description: George pleaded guilty, paid a fine and his driving privileges in Maine were revoked for a shot time.

Celebrity: Tim Allen
Date of Conviction: 09/02/78
Charges: Delivery of a controlled substance
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Description: Mr. Allen and another man were making a delivery of cocaine to a third man. Unfortunately for them it was a trap and the men were arrested and Tim Allen served time in prison.

Celebrity: Sid Vicious
Date of Conviction: 10/12/78
Charges: 2nd degree murder.
Location: New York City
Description: Sid was charged with murder after his girlfriend Nancy died from a stab wound to the stomach.

Celebrity: Wendy O. Williams
Date of Conviction: 01/19/81
Charges: Obstruction of govermental process.
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Description: Wendy was arrested after a show in Milwaukee for obscenity, resisting arrest and battery.

Celebrity: Woody Harrelson
Date of Conviction: 10/12/82
Charges: Disorderly conduct & resisting arrest.
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Description: Woody was dancing in the middle of the street causing a disturbance. After cops put Mr. Harrelson in the police van, he jumped out and tried to run.

Celebrity: Zsa Zsa Gabor
Date of Conviction: 06/14/89
Charges: Driving without a registration
Driving without a liscense
Obstruction of goverment process
Assault against an officer
Open container
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Description: After being pulled over by a cop it was discovered Ms. Gabor was driving with a suspended license and registration. Zsa Zsa drove away, got pulled over again and slapped the officer. A flask with liquor was also found in the car.

Celebrity: Pee Wee Herman AKA Paul Ruebens
Date of Conviction: 07/26/91
Charges: Indecent exposure in a public place.
Location: Florida
Description: Self gratifaction as only a man can do.

Celebrity: Charles Barkley
Date of Conviction: 12/22/91
Charges: Disorderly Conduct
Location: Milwaukee
Description: Broke a man's nose in a bar fight.

Celebrity: Axl Rose
Date of Conviction: 07/17/92
Charges: Inciting a riot.
Location: St. Louis
Description: Axl dived into the audience during a concert to take a camera from a spectator causing a riot.

Celebrity: Snoop Dog
Date of Conviction: 03/09/93
Charges: Murder.
Location: California
Description: Eventually acquitted of shooting and murdering a man.

Celebrity: Keanu Reeves
Date of Conviction: 05/05/93
Charges: DWI
Location: Los Angles, California
Description: After being seen driving erratically cops pulled Keanu over and gave him a sobriety test, which he failed.

Celebrity: Dudley Moore
Date of Conviction: 03/21/94
Charges: Domestic Violence
Location: 03/21/94
Description: Dudley was arrested after hitting his girlfriend who he married 3 weeks later.

Celebrity: Jennifer Capriati
Date of Conviction: 06/16/94
Charges: Possession of Marijuana
Location: N/A
Description: N/A

Celebrity: O.J. Simpson
Date of Conviction: 06/17/94
Charges: Murder
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Charged with the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

Celebrity: Christian Slater
Date of Conviction: 12/23/94
Charges: Carrying a concealed weapon.
Location: Queens, NY
Description: Carrying a loaded gun without a license in his luggage at JFK airport.

Celebrity: Marilyn Manson
Date of Conviction: 12/27/94
Charges: Indecent Exposure
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Description: Marilyn was arrested after exposing himself during a concert. It was never clear whether Manson actually exposed himself or used a prop.

Celebrity: Hugh Grant
Date of Conviction: 06/27/95
Charges: Solicitation of prostitution.
Location: Los Angeles
Description: Attempted to purchase sexual(oral) acts from Divine Brown.

Celebrity: Oksana Baiul
Date of Conviction: 01/12/97
Charges: DUI
Location: Connecticut
Description: Oksana was charged with driving under the influence after crashing her car and alcohol was detected on her breath.

Celebrity: Marv Albert
Date of Conviction: 05/27/97
Charges: Forcible sodomy and misdimeanor assualt
Location: Arlington County, Virginia
Description: Accused after a longtime girlfriend said Marv had bitten and raped her.

Celebrity: Michael Lookinland (Bobby Brady)
Date of Conviction: 11/10/97
Charges: DUI
Location: Utah
Description: Michael crashed his car, when police arrived they smelled the alcohol and administered a sobriety test which he failed.

Celebrity: Riddick Bowe
Date of Conviction: 02/25/98
Charges: kidnapping
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Description: Heavy weight boxer Riddick Bowe was arrested after going to his wifes house and threatening his family with a knife and then forcing them into a car. Bowe was given a sentence of 30 days after the court found him to have brain damage from boxing.

Celebrity: George Michael
Date of Conviction: 04/07/98
Charges: Committing a lewd act in public
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Description: Mr. Michael was in a found masturbating in a park restroom by a plain clothed cop. Michaels later pleaded guilty and was fined $800, given 80 hours community service, must attend sexual counseling meetings and banned from the park.

Celebrity: Coolio
Date of Conviction: 09/16/98
Charges: Carrying a concealed weapon,dope posession.
Location: Los Angeles
Description: Coolio was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road, he then informed police that he had a gun in his car. Police found the gun and a small bag of weed.

Celebrity: Andy Dick
Date of Conviction: 05/16/99
Charges: Possesion of controlled substance
Leaving the scene of accident
Location: Los Angeles, California
Description: Andy pleaded no contest to all of the charges with the understanding the charges would be dropped upon completetion of a 2 year drug program.

Celebrity: Tevin Campbell
Date of Conviction: 07/08/99
Charges: Soliciting a lewd act
Location: Los Angeles, California
Description: Tevin pleaded no contest to soliciting sexual acts from an undercover policeman.

Celebrity: Gary Coleman
Date of Conviction: 07/10/99
Charges: Failing to pay a fine.
Location: California
Description: Gary Coleman was stopped at a drunk driving check point and police realized he was driving with an expired registration. After running his name through the computers police saw a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Celebrity: Matthew McConaughey
Date of Conviction: 09/10/99
Charges: Possesion of marijuana.
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: Police were called to the house after receiving complaints of noise. When police arrived they saw Matthew playing the bongos in the nude thru his living room window. After entering the house they saw the drugs and paraphernalia and promplty arrested McConaughey.

Celebrity: Tommy Lee
Date of Conviction: 10/11/99
Charges: Inciting a riot
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Description: Details are foggy but it seems Tommy was arrested after performing a concert in North Carolina.

Celebrity: Jim Courier
Date of Conviction: 11/18/99
Charges: DUI
Location: Athens, Georgia
Description: Jim was stopped for running a red light, after which the policeman arrested him for drunk driving.

Celebrity: Jay-Z
Date of Conviction: 12/02/99
Charges: 1st Degree Assault.
Location: New York City
Description: Jay-Z who's real name is Shawn Carter was arrested for stabbing record executive at a NYC nightclub.

Celebrity: Halle Berry
Date of Conviction: 02/23/00
Charges: Hit and run misdemeanor
Location: Los Angekes, California
Description: A car driven by Halle Berry ran a red light and struck another vehicle. Halle left the scene and went to a hospital. Halle pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of accident and received 3 years probation, $1300 fine and 200 hours community srvice.

Celebrity: Foxy Brown
Date of Conviction: 03/06/00
Charges: Driving with a suspended license.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Description: Foxy lost control of her Range Rover and crashed into a fence.

Celebrity: Chrissie Hynde
Date of Conviction: 03/09/00
Charges: Criminal mischief
Location: New York City
Description: The lead singer of the pretenders was arrested after slashing leather jackets in a protest for animal rights. The charges were later dismissed if Ms. Hynde promised to stay out of trouble for the next 6 months.

Celebrity: Robert Downey Jr.
Date of Conviction: 12/25/00
Charges: Possesion of Cocaine and meth.
Location: Florida
Description: Cops were tipped off by a phone call that there were drugs and guns in a hotel room Downey was staying in.

Celebrity: Todd Bridges
Date of Conviction: 01/19/01
Charges: Assualt with a deadly weapon.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Description: Todd was arrested after ramming his car into a friendís car in a fight over a video game.

Celebrity: Eminem
Date of Conviction: 06/28/01
Charges: Felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon and brandishing a firearm in public.
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan
Description: The rapper was sentenced to community service in which he must present plan to help young people in the community. He was also fined $2360.00. The conviction stems from an incident in which Eminem had gotten to an altercation with rival rap group member, Douglas Dail, of the Insane Clown Posse.

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