Don't worry bout me
Its all over now
 Though I'll may be blue
 I'll manage somehow

Love can't be explained
Can't be controlled
One day it's warm
Next day it's cold

Don't pity me
'Cause I'm feeling blue
Don't be ashamed
It might have been you

OH - OH - OH - OH -
Love kiss me one time
then go love,
I'll understand
Don't worry bout me

Sweet sweet sweet love
I want you to be
As happy as I
When you loved me

I'll never forget you
Your sweet memory
It's all over now
Don't worry bout me

When one heart tells one heart
One heart goodbye
One heart is free
One heart will cry

OH - OH - OH - OH -
Sweet, sweet baby
Sweet baby sweet,
It's alright...
Don't worry bout me...........