Good and Bad

        The older I get the more I see how relativity plays in my life.  As we grow and our needs and desires change.  Our tastes may even change.  The type of music we like, or the way we wear our hair.  What we like and dislike may change as well as we grow and experience life.  How can this be?  We are the same person as we were, are we not?  I don't know, you tell me.   They say the life of a body cell is only around 7 years.  Well that means that I have had about six body changes in my life so.   Which one of those bodies is me?   I feel like an "old ax" that had been in this one family for 200 years.   The handle had been replaced 4 times and the head had been replaced twice, but some how  gave it credit for being 200 years old, and in the family that long.

        Sure I am the same person that used to think the greatest thing is life was stealing tomatoes from the garden and hiding to eat them with my friends.  But that does not appeal to me any longer.  Why not?   I am the same person, am I not?   Truth is, NO I am not.  The only thing that is the same is my soul, my piece of God.   Nothing about the meat suit is the same.  If nothing is the same about me physically, then why shouldn't it be natural to change my mind?  I am changing too.   If my body changes and my bodies needs change and I refuse to change, I do not think I would remain in good health for very long.   As we change we look at things differently too.  Again, why not?  We are different.   We are different from one day to the next.   The person you are this very second, as you read these words, is going to be a stranger to you some day.   Ever since we invented time (we did you know?) we have had to live in it.  However it is not our nature to be patient.  After all we are spiritual beings and we do not have time where we live.  Everything is happening in the NOW.   Putting on the meat suit, we also get a free bonus of having to live within the limits of the equipment.

         Since our meat suits can't exist in now time, then we have to forget about it.  "Now" time, that is, and start getting used to a past, present (which is a misnomer because it is constantly traveling forward in time.  At which point is the present?  As soon as you pick it, it becomes the past)  and a future.   Now with this new stuff (time) in the equation, we have some interesting side effects.  Everything takes time to accomplish.   Nothing stays the same as time goes on.  Things change and situations change and view points change, bringing opinions along with them.  What was good yesterday could be very bad today.   Why then did we think it was so good at the time?  Simple,  "at the time" is our clue.   We did not have all the information that we have when looking back on the incident from the vantage point of the future.  When it happened, how could we ever know what would be the outcome?  All we saw was something happening.   As we reacted, and as matters developed, and as time went on and our lives changed and eventually all of the information concerning that incident is gathered in and digested we can say, "This was a good thing, or "This was a bad thing."  However as long as you are alive, then all the information has not been gathered and you really don't know for certain if anything is good or bad.   Good and bad, just like everything else in the universe, is relative to the information available and the interpretation of that information.  Which puts Good and Bad in a very precarious position of being able to tip over one way or another, depending on how you view the situation, and becoming the opposite of what it started out to be.

        Well then, what is Good?   What is Bad?   Good and bad are only relative values assigned to a situation by any observers based on the knowledge they posses at the time.   And remember now that "Time" is the thing here.  We can not see all the probable outcomes of the situation from our narrow vantage point of time.  So we must wait to see what develops, and that is where we can actually make it good or bad.   Because what develops depends on what we do with it.   We shape our futures by what we do in the present.  What we do with the incident will shape the outcome and the final result will be in part our responsibility.  It doesn't matter how disastrous the situation at the time, there is always some way to turn the final result into some thing beneficial for all involved.  It may take a long time.   It may not.  The important thing is that you are shaping it and you are making it either "Good" or "Bad".  You are the one who has control of good and bad.  It is not the situation that carries these labels.  The incident has a label, for sure but it is a blank label, and it is up to you personally to write upon in anything that you want to write.  It is your life, and you have control.  You can make it anything you wish and you have the power over good and bad.  Good and bad are your responsibility to form in your own way.  By themselves they are just labels.  It is not until they act in your life that they become more.
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