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Where do I begin? To tell the story of Gary? Full name Eric Gary Wayne Lee,  born in South America my siblings consisted of four sisters being the only boy, I was by myself most of  the time, I guess that made me introverted and more focused on other things. My mother is Scottish, French and Spanish descent, my father Chinese and Indian. I was sent to private schools from young and at the age of  eleven, I took and passed an exam and won a free scholarship to Queen's College, I was the second youngest boy there.  At the age of seventeen I finished my G.C.E. Examinations set by the University of London and before I knew it I was out into the real world, at the time I could not get a job because I was too young, so I learned to play the guitar and ride motorcycles until I was eighteen until I was old enough to work , my jobs as I remember them started as a cartographer,  I left that to join the British Army but went on to be SIC of POS with American life, one day I was riding to work and my bike quit. I never returned, I was so curious to find out what was wrong with my bike I went to the Honda Motorcycle company and asked them to hire me for 2 weeks so I can learn about bikes, which I did,  I left that job to work with WHO PAHO as an evaluator  for their Malaria Eradication Program, Started Ranching shortly after that and had my first introduction to computers and accounting equipment by NCR, left that and went back to ranching,. Then I was a chief Mechanic,  did some driving in the bush and had experiences in driving across rivers swamps etc., adventures in crossing raging currents in a dug out tree trunk, as I write I will probably  go back and forth and I remember and hopefully will edit this page and get it right

My travels
I have traveled and lived in a total of 14 countries, 
British Guiana, (Guyana) Dutch Guiana, (Suriname) Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, Barbados, Spain, France, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Canada and the USA where so far I visited 37 states and hundreds of towns.
I once lived among the South American Indians when I worked for World Health Organization where I was an evaluator for Malaria, I owned a ranch, was attacked one night in a hammock by an Indian who tried to cut my head off while I was sleeping, I awoke in time to block the machete with my left hand, I bear that scar to this day which left me slightly handicapped (lack of use of all my fingers) it is unnoticeable and no one sees it,..
to be continued...

Of course fluent in English, Portuguese, lately from not using them I am forgetting my other languages like French, Chinese (didn't get to learn much of that my grandmother used to teach me when I was little and some of my Chinese relatives had restaurants where I picked up a few words) German and some Spanish

Hobbies and other stuff
I can sing and play the guitar, I raced motorcycles professionally both in International and local races, I am a great mechanic, I once had a ranch so I can ride rope, I am nicknamed McGyver by some of my friends and colleagues, show me anything once and I will either be able to do it or get it.
to be continued......







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